“Increase In Organic Food Sales Increases Substantially,” Says Study

Organic products, within the last decade and a half, have improved enough to have nearly achieved mainstream status. In the early 1990s you could only come across organic produce in a few high-end type grocery stores, but today most supermarkets have an area in their stores that are specifically designated as organic.

With the improved availability and stable sales, organic food is now more affordable. Increased sales mean that people have become more conscious of our environment as well as aware of what we put into our bodies.

The greater the people who become aware of the benefits of organic foods, in particular, leads to an even larger demand for the food, which results in higher production. There’ll be a downward movement in organic food prices as the production and demand for them continue to go upward. Sales for organic foods in the 1990′s grew 20% each year until they hit $9 billion in the early part of the 21st century. Today more than 70 percent of shoppers in the US, at some time or another will buy organic food.

It is expected that organic food production will continue to become more mainstream, which is not only good for our health but also the environment as well. It was actually only 15 years ago that most people had no idea what organic food meant.

Today, when nearly all people who see a label with organic on it, know what it means, and that is that it has been grown without hormone supplements, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic cultivating is more than merely substituting natural materials for synthetics is a system of growing good food, within the boundaries of nature.

It doesn’t matter much if this is done in your backyard garden or is done on a larger scale by the organic farmer.

The very beginning of the process is with healthy soil that will produce healthy plants, which are resistant to disease and pests, naturally. Because the science of natural soil improvement continues to expand, organic farmers have become less centered on chemicals to treat plants than regular farmers.

Long-term soil developing compared to the chemical quick-fix approach is the difference in attitudes between the two groups. Once you develop crops organically, it can be applied just about anywhere.

With dangerous chemical inorganic pesticides, people need to avoid the growing area for a required safety period. Also, the water system will never be plagued by organic gardening.

The organic system takes advantage of safety and personal health as a motivational factor because they live where they grow the food. Through cultivating crops without chemicals, farmers are creating a sustainable environment that will have a positive effect on the world at large.


Is Fasting Really The “Fastest” Way to Lose Weight?

The author of the acclaimed “Mucusless Diet Healing System”, Prof Arnold Ehret once said, “If one way is true…it is the way of Nature!” It will be an understatement to say he was and is so correct.

In this day and age when everyone desires to be slim or slimmer as the case may be, only very few people know that one sure-fire, all natural, method can lead to a slimmer and more importantly healthier person.

This method is as old as the mountains and is known as Fasting.

It is by far a greater cure of our ills-both physical and mental-than all of the drugs of the medical fraternity combined and when combined with an exclusive mucus-binding (alkaline forming) diet of mainly fruits, leafy and root vegetables (raw and cooked) and even basic exercises that involve the use of one’s own body weight for resistance such as Yoga, Calisthenics and Pilates, a well-conducted fast can reap untold benefits for those seeking to lose weight.

There are several types of fasts that can be beneficial for weight loss.

  1. The complete water fasts: This, admittedly, should be conducted with extreme caution or in a specialized sanitarium if undertaken more than 3 days.
  2. The Juice Fast: This is much easier for the general populace and can be undergone as long as you feel like it.
  3. The Fruit Fast: This, well, is really not a fast per se…but when one lives exclusively on SEASONAL ORGANIC fruits for days on end…meaning mono meals (2 at the most ) of only one kind of fruit say Apples in Fall, Melons in summer for a week plus, you will be bound to see the benefits.
  4. The Dry-Fast: This is another camouflaged fast where one consumes ONLY dry fruits such as dates; figs etc for 3 days or thereabouts and then breaks the fast with a laxative. Though highly praised in some quarters, it’s not so common.

The second and third choices are by far my personal recommendations for those seeking to lose weight. A friend of mine tried the second choice after months of badgering and was able to eventually see the awesome cuts in his abdominal cavities. You should have heard him exclaim on the phone to me: “Foras…I got a six-pack man…and I didn’t even do no sit-ups…!” Moreover, his supposed hereditary red-eyes cleared up after several eye-doctors had told him it was just a genetic trait…yeah, right!

Here are a few tips if you are fasting for weight loss:

  1. Though not a conclusive list of the dos and don’ts of fasting be well informed that when undertaken properly, you’d not only lose the undesired weight, but you’d be well on your way to a cleaner and better you in no time. Prepare yourself for a fast by gradually tapering off of acid-forming aka “junk foods and commence to consuming raw and cooked fruits and veggies to begin a milder cleansing process as these items are the best intestinal brooms for the colon.
  2. Every now and again, 3 hours after supper and say an hour or so before retiring to sleep, drink an herbal tea laxative such as “Smooth Move Herbal Tea” during this preparatory stage.
  3. Drink 1-2 quarts of unflavored lemonade in the mornings to balance the chemical reactions within the body and to restore it to an alkaline state.
  4. Be mentally prepared for the task ahead of fasting.
  5. Take things a little easier while fasting or on a mono-diet of fruit.
  6. Avoid using microwaves at all costs. I touched on this subject in the free section on controlling acne in my site.

For weight loss, Fasting, my friends is the ‘fastest’ way to improved health!


Grow Tomato Vegetables Inside Containers

If you do not have much space, but you would like to grow your own vegetables, you can still grow tomatoes. It is possible to grow tomatoes just about anyplace as long as there is a good amount of sunlight. There are plenty of gardeners who grow tomatoes in planting pots. You will find that raising tomatoes using containers is not that much diverse from growing in outdoor soil. Small tomato plants need to be raised in the house with care until they have become strong enough to transplant.

When doing this approach to a container, the plant stem should be buried as much as is possible, which will promote root formation. This will likely form an excellent foundation for the plant, no matter where the tomato is grown. You might have far more control over the quality of the soil as well as other contents when you grow tomatoes in a container. Once you have found what works, you can continue to work with the same formula for your success. A person could try to grow tomatoes without any soil or pure compost or a combination of both. A good combination for growing vegetables in planting pots is 40% peat moss, 40% compost, and 20% perlite.

You don’t need to mess with garden earth when growing in containers, but you will need to do more fertilizing and watering. Given that tomato plants do not possess long roots, the key to solid growth is proper watering and sufficient nutrients. Consequently, you may have to water every day if not more depending on how hot it gets. If you work with large containers and more mulch, it is possible to grow good tomatoes. For any good harvest, be sure that you satisfy the needs of your tomato plant.

Cultivate Tomato Vegetables Using Containers

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

To avoid needing to remember to water your plants every day, you can create an automatic drip system. It might appear involved or pricey but it’s not the case. According to the number of containers you might have, the irrigation system might cost between $50 and $100. In the long run, this will probably be a worthy investment. To lessen water evaporation and continue to keep weeds down, it is a sensible idea to apply to mulch to all of your containers. Always keeping your plants assembled and organized is an extra benefit of mulching. You should use extra fertilizer once your plants have their first blossoms, and twice the normal usage should work. Achieving this could generate more fruit that’s bigger and tastier. Be very prepared in the volume of fertilizer you give and give it consistently.

The moment your tomato fruits are actually ripe you should pick them because you will encourage new fruit production by picking each tomato off. You will get great results just about anywhere if you grow tomatoes in containers. Enjoy yourself and be creative with your container gardens.


Easy Ways to Lose Weight by Running

It almost sounds old-fashioned to run in order to lose weight as there are so many new machines being produced each year. However millions of people still find this simple yet vigorous activity is a very effective way of shedding the pounds and getting fitter. You can do running nearly anywhere and you can do it all your life, as there are people who do it who stay fit enough into their sixties and beyond who keep doing it.

When it comes to running, there are few better ways to shed the pounds. If you have a local gym, you might want to frequent their track on a regular basis. People that have a member’s program at a fitness club might be very comfortable using their treadmills. Choosing a place to run, and sticking with it, is your best option. Later on, as your body gets used to the activity, you can vary it, but at first you don’t want to create possible problems.

So do not go out on a beach and run for a few weeks, and then switch to a treadmill; this will only cause mayhem as you try to get in shape. The reason you don’t want to do this is that it may cause injuries that will keep you from running if they are sustained.

Motivation tends to dwindle once a person begins to run, especially as they get more tired from the workout. Others, however, have the opposite problem, and start off with too much enthusiasm. The end result is that people get burnout on running and also get hurt along the way.

People that experience an endorphin rush or what is called a “runner’s high”, can believe they have no limitations. Doing things gradually is the key to improving your running ability; make sure that you stretch and do things that will prevent injuries to your knees and feet.

There are other exercises you should be doing, other than running, even though it is an exercise that is effective for weight loss. Recent research has shown that doing resistance training on a regular basis will help you lose weight faster, especially if you’re also doing something aerobic like running.

To lose fat effectively, you need a gym membership, where you lift weights or do the resistance machines. You will get the best results when you take both of these types of exercise and combine them. For a lot of people the best that they are going to be able to do is one program one day, and the other the next, but if you do both, do the running after doing the weight machines.

Only doing the running will not get nearly as fast of weight loss, than doing both together. Running is something that some people find takes them time to get accustomed to. If you’ve not done exercise that’s strenuous for some time then giving yourself time to get used to this new activity will be needed. Being persistent will allow you to receive the wonderful health benefits, like losing weight, being more energetic and being more positive in general.